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We have reached our application maximum!


The Ocala Housing Authority has reached its application maximum for online and in-person applications. We will begin pulling from the waiting list in January, 2015. Thank you for your patience.

 Thank you,

Mrs. Dawson, CEO

Online Applicants

****SPECIAL UPDATE NOVEMBER 7, 2014 * * * *
The Ocala Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher ( SECTION 8 ) WAITING LIST IS CLOSED.  For individuals who applied online, there were hundreds of people (some from out of town and state) who signed on at exactly 8:00 AM sharp on November 5th.  The system accepted a total 300 applications and then shut down as planned.  I will receive a final list next week from our IT company of the 300 applications the system accepted. Although you may have gotten to the end of your application at 95-99% completed, but weren’t able to submit,  the system only accepted 300 applications. If your application was in the cue at that point and showing almost done,  the system only accepted it IF it was in line as of 1 of the 300. PLEASE do NOT call the office inquiring if your application was accepted, because we can not confirm it yet. Since we had several thousand people attempt to apply online the morning of November 5, 2014, the most efficient way for us to respond is to send the 300 applicants a confirmation letter that your application was accepted. It isn’t feasible for my staff to call several thousand people back. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience;  we’re working diligently to be accommodating to all.  Our goal is to send confirmation  letters out by the end of the month. 

For individuals whose applications weren’t accepted,  your information will be purged from the system.

Thank you for your patience & understanding,

Mrs. Dawson, CEO

The Ocala Housing Authority is an equal opportunity housing agency

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